Testimonials for Livjot’s HBP events

Hi Livjot,

Thanks so much again for a really lovely and restorative weekend.  In summarizing my experience – I was drawn to the retreat style program for a self-care weekend away…

The Blackfish Inn lends itself to the social aspect of preparing and sharing meals together. I always think that is such an important part of getting to know each other… I loved that all ages of women were represented in our group. Each age has its own wisdom and enthusiasm to share.

What I got out of it the most was the integration of material around the theme of breast health…and the application of the exercises…most especially the kundalini yoga sets including the cooling and slow breathing… Now I know how to ‘cool’ the jets and come into balance with just changes in the breath pattern… I also enjoyed making the aromatic blend and now I can use it at home as well.

[re: experience of the event presenter, Livjot Kaur] -very well done. Great organizing skills and very ‘patient’ and ‘disciplined’ and excellent yoga classes. Nice example of the ‘neutral’ mind naturally!

Angad Kaur (Anita Kalnay) – Comox, BC

May 03, 2016

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Sat Nam Livjot,

Thank you for hosting the retreat – it was a joy to participate. 

Livjot, I wish to share with you a powerful experience for me during the retreat.  You responded to a comment or a question by another participant and I wish to thank you deeply for your reply as I rarely hear the spiritual humility behind the response vocalized… I bow to you for your courageous, powerful reply and teaching.

The schedule for the retreat was great.  To begin with a pot luck is a great way to bring the community into the space in a fun and friendly way. During the weekend, there was a flow through the myriad activities and this kept me engaged.  The lectures were not rigidly formal and opened the door for much discussion around the material…   It is so important to have the experience of the breast exam and self-massage – this, I believe, is how we truly learn the information we are presented.  The Kundalini Yoga and meditations are always wonderful and help integrate the information on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  I was pleasantly surprised to have a nature meditation and a silent break on the schedule – both are very powerful methods to integrate the retreat experience… The Make ’n’ Take activity was pure delight. 

As much as I love the library of information on breast health provided in this program, my favourite part is the self-reflective element when I ask myself where I am with “this” right now.  It reminds me that I am an ever-evolving facet of consciousness and directs me to the highest healing that I need – right here, right now. 

Honestly, Livjot, I would not change a thing on your schedule.  The flow was perfect and the activities were interspersed to keep people engaged and to have enough time for self-reflection and for socialization.

I have taken the online Healthy Breast Foundation Program and upon completing this Healthy Breast weekend retreat, I am amazed how many things I was reminded of and how many tidbits of information I had completely missed from the online sessions.  There is such a wealth of information in this program that if I did a Healthy Breast weekend retreat every month for a year, I would still learn something new and be reminded of something I can do to support my health.  Waheguru!  When is the next retreat?!

Mitra – Sooke BC

May 05, 2016