About The Instructor



        Livjot Kaur, The Yoga Path                                     instructor

This instructor has been working with children and adults throughout her 30 year career as a classroom teacher, lead teacher and teacher trainer, in several Ontario school boards, and through a decade of service with Girl Guides of Canada as a Brownie and Guide Leader, Music and Camp Advisor, and member of divisional and area committees.  As well she has been a Music Advisor at an International Camp, and prepared and conducted the campfire program filmed there, which aired on the T.V. program ‘Take Thirty’.
After practising and studying Kundalini Yoga for many years, Livjot began sharing her experiences in children’s gym classes, and as a volunteer, both at Primary Grade lunch breaks and in a Kindergarten classroom.  Becoming professionally accredited with the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), she launched her After School Yoga Clubs through the local school board’s Community Education Program,  expanding into daytime Kinder and Preschool groups as well.  Her love of music is woven into the fabric of her classes, merging the benefits of classic yoga poses and supportive activities with the joyous, healing energy of sound current.  She provides classes for adults as well, including private lessons for special needs, on  referral from health care professionals. 
Livjot has formerly also been a guest teacher for Sat Dharam Kaur N.D. at Trillium Healing Arts Centre, Owen Sound Ontario, and for special events held there prior, to moving to Western Canada.  More recently she has been a teacher on rotation at Sunday Morning Kundalini at Medicine Moves in Victoria, as well as providing workshops and a weekend retreat for educators and community groups, since moving to Vancouver Island.  As a certified, licensed Healthy Breast Program Educator and Yoga Teacher, and Vice President of the MammAlive Foundation Not For Profit organization, she is particularly passionate about spreading the Healthy Breast Program on Canada’s West Coast.  Now living in the Southern Gulf Islands, she is open to new possibilities in various streams of education.
The spiritual name of Livjot Kaur has been bestowed on her through Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga in the Western World. Translated from the ancient language of Gurmuki, it means ‘Lioness of God walking with grace and power, devoted to the light of her soul’.  Livjot enjoys writing about her Kundalini Yoga experiences with children.