Class Formats


All classes are rooted in the Kundalini style of yoga, but range from an experience of the simplest, guided, gentle manipulations for infants, to Classic Kundalini for adults.  It is an experiential progression.  Please see the outlines below for greater detail on what to expect for various ages and stages.


Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual, multi-faith practice providing tools to strengthen the body, the immune and the glandular systems, to still the mind, release negative habits and thoughts, and increase awareness of conscious living, loving, and healing.  There are no prerequisites to participation.

Classes begin with a short chanted mantra, ‘Tuning In’ subtly to the wisdom of the Universe and the wisdom within us.  This is followed by breathing exercises (Pranayam) for specific effects.  Next are the postures (Asanas) and movements combined into various Kriyas for specific pruposes.  Individual modifications are presented as needed.  Chairs can also be made available.  Hands-on posture corrections by the instructor are not routinely carried out in Kundalini yoga.  Each person experiences the classes at his/her own pace.  After the physical yoga, there is a period of deep relaxation (Savasana) to beautiful sacred music from the East Indian yogic tradition, followed by Guided Meditation which often includes melodic chanting (Mantra) for stilling the mind, accessing intuition and connecting with the Higher Self.  Classes close with a group blessing and farewell: The Long Time Sun song, sung the world over to honour each other.  The teacher then offers a closing blessing to the class.

Adult classes are usually 90 minutes in length, but can be revised to meet specific group needs such as after work or lunch break time frames.  The Healthy Breast Yoga Program classes, if weekly evenings, are a minimum of 2 hours because of the added breast health/breast recovery educational component.  Adult class participants need a non-slip mat and bottle of water.  A small blanket, shawl or beach-size towel are also recommended, to cover up with, during cool down in the resting portion of the class.  One or more small towels, or a pillow, can also be helpful to anyone experiencing knee or hip issues.  Breast health class participants should also bring a notebook, or some looseleaf paper to add to the duotang handout.


Beach yoga classes follow the same format as the adult evening Kundalini classes.  We simply take our mats, water bottles, rest coverups and other props to the beach, for a 6:30 to approximately 8:00 a.m. yoga class.  It is a great way to start the day, and you can finish up with a swim or beach walk, perhaps even enjoy a packed breakfast afterwards before heading home or to work for the day, or  informally join others at a nearby eatery for breakfast.  This is a wonderful way to make new friends, too!

There is no series sign up for beach yoga.   Registration forms will be available at the beach, for those participants who are not already Yoga Path students.  Cost is by donation.

To make sure that there will be a class on any specified day, please check on the website, under Classes: Beach Yoga Updates.   The instructor may occasionally be out of town for a course, retreat or elder care.   Please also check the morning of, as Meaford classes are weather permitting.  Thornbury classes on inclement weather days will be held at our regular indoor venue, Grace United Church, 140 Bruce St., Thornbury.  In ‘iffy’ weather, if you don’t find us at the beach, please be at ease to come along to the church and  slip into class.


All have different needs from that of adults…  Children can perform some of the breath techniques, poses and meditations that adults do, but not all are appropriate for their developing bodies and minds.  Selected material is presented in simpler ways, for shorter times.  Songs and dance, stories, games and discussions all help to relate what is learned through yoga to everyday situations, providing a tool box for life skills.  Livjot’s child classes draw from the best of a variety of sources that support the intentions of Kundalini Yoga.

… Babies stretch their bodies and strengthen their muscles through guided, gentle manipuations from Mommy.

…Toddlers, pre-schoolers, and kinders, breathe and move in response to  ‘Sing and Do’ prompts and the examples of their caregiver coach, in a playful relaxed atmosphere.

…Primary aged children play at being yogis, experiencing its various elements through imaginative scripts and activities.

…Next, children begin a transition to more challenging poses, noticing more how their bodies move in space, and connecting more clearly to the purposes of yoga in everyday living.

…Youth yogis need more specific yoga to relieve tightening muscles that may not be growing as fast as their bones.   This group also begins to focus more on the classic breathwork, poses and sequences, and meditations/stillpoints of  Kundalini yoga, with age appropriate modifications, and discussions about how the personal yoga tool box  can be used to improve concentration, relieve stress, and strengthen the body.


This class runs for 75 minutes, with yogi tea and social time following it, and includes Kundalini tune in, Baby massage with pure oil, Baby yoga, Mommy breathwork, Mommy Kundalini yoga postnatal postures and exercises with Baby participating at various points, a brief mat rest where needed, guided Kundalini meditation, and closing routines.  Afterwards, for those who wish to stay a while, there is Yogi tea (compliments of the instructor) and shared healthy goodies (compliments of the participants).  Babies can bring their own snacks, too!

Infant-Tot classes are available, depending on demand, for the following  developmental stages:

newborn to head holders

almost sitting to almost crawling


These classes run for 30-35 minutes, and require the participation of an accompanying caregiver.  The instructor  provides  child-appropriate instruction and modeling, one simple pose or game movement at a time.  The caregiver then instructs, models for and participates in that mini activity with the child, so that this yoga bonding and fun can be carried on again at home. This is a lovely way to connect with one’s own child(ren), or a child in one’s care.  There is lots of movement and music to keep Tot and Teeny Yogis engaged, and the whole room is the yoga mat!


These are after school classes, at BVCS.  Non-slip exercise mats are required.  At end of day dismissal, students make their way to the central ‘pit’, the yoga meeting place.  There they can re-energize with a nutritious snack brought from home and saved for after school.  They can use the nearby washroom, and also change into more comfortable yoga clothes, if needed.  It is also a social break time, prior to yoga class which starts at 3:45 p.m.  The instructor arrives at the ‘pit’ prior to class as well, providing an opportunity to informally catch up on student news.