Yoga For Adults

SPRING 2013: Foundations for the Aquarian Yogi…a course for beginners which also includes some new material for those who have taken Kundalini Yoga classes previously (see SPRING CLASSES tab for flyer with course description)


***these classes return afte the May long weekend 2013***

If  you have a preferred location (Thornbury/Collingwood NEW) or day of the week, please make this known in the spring : 6:30 a.m. to approx 8:00 a.m. to enjoy the sunrise, or 7-8:30 a.m. I plan to  be there at 6:30 to enjoy the sunrise. For this future series I have obtained an indoor backup venue for Thornbury beach classes so that we can establish a firm day of the week, to assist you with your personal schedules.  I will look into this possibility for Collingwood as well.

Beginning the final week of May, please check Beach Class Update tab (under CLASSES) for current beach class status.

Class fee is by donation.  Participants need to complete a registration form which can be provided at the first beach class you attend.  Please check in, the night before, to ensure that there is a class, by viewing this website (Beach Class Updates dropdown under the CLASSES tab) or at 519-538-5513 before 9 p.m.; or check the updates the morning of, at 6 a.m. Occasionally, the weather may change abruptly, the instructor may be away on a course, or be called out of town to give assistance to family elders

CLASSIC KUNDALINI MEDITATION is a multi-faith 8-week adult series which will take you through a variety of the classic meditations used in this yoga tradition.  Classes combine pranayams (breath), mudras (hand positions) and mantra (sacred chant), offering you tools to develop or deepen your meditation practice,  experience increased centeredness and clarity, calmness and relaxation, and bring more energy and spirit to whatever your tradition or religion may be.

CLASSIC KUNDALINI YOGA FOR ADULTS is an 8-week series which takes you through various classic Kundalini pranayams (breath work), kriyas (yoga sets, working at your own level), savasana to lovely sacred chant music, and classic meditations which often also use sacred chant music, and mantra as well.  The series provides a well-rounded taste of Kundalini Yoga, and is suitable for all levels. (see Fall Classes, and Events tabs for details)