Healthy Breast Program 3-day ‘Foundations’ intensive, Apr.24-26, 2017, Sooke BC

Livjot at Vic. Butterfly Garden, croppedLivjot Kaur, licensed Healthy Breast Educator and Regional Coordinator


Sat Dharam Kaur ND, practitioner, author, speaker, Healthy Breast® Program creator and global Lead Trainer


The Healthy Breast® Program Intensive  3-DAY Training


Dates: Monday April 24th to Wednesday April 26th, 2017

Times: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily


Sooke Yoga and Wellness Studio,
6750 Sooke Rd, Unit #202 (there’s an elevator)
The Hope Building
Sooke, Vancouver Island BC

Course Fee:

Early Bird by March 01:   $349* (no GST)
After March 01:                  $389* (no GST)
Breast Cancer Survivors: $369* (no GST)
*includes 324 pg. manual but NOT accommodations or meals

Mark your calendars now, if you are interested in attending, and register soon, as this class has a capacity cap.

Immerse yourself in this three-day Foundations intensive, taught by

Sat Dharam Kaur N.D., a highly informed and experienced health care professional, and creator of the Healthy Breast® Program.  As the program’s lead trainer, she travels the globe, educating a handful of women wherever she goes, including Europe, Asia, and South America.  She has written three books on women’s health, the most recent being The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer.  Sat Dharam was a Keynote Speaker at the first, second and third world conferences on Breast Cancer, and was awarded ‘Naturopathic Doctor of the Year’ by the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors in 2000, for her work in breast cancer prevention and environmental education.  She is the cofounder of  MammAlive Foundation for Women’s Breast Health Education, and serves as President on its Board of Directors.  Sat Dharam is also a lead teacher trainer for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and creator and leader teacher trainer for the Beyond Addictions Program whose events have been attracting increasing attention in Western Canada….

…and Livjot Kaur, an experienced teacher in various fields of education in Ontario, both professional and service-based, for 30 years.  Having moved to Vancouver Island, she now presents Healthy Breast classes, workshops and residential retreats here.  She is a certified, 2017 licensed Healthy Breast Educator and Yoga Teacher, Coordinator for the newly forming Western Canada Region, and serves as Vice President on MammAlive Foundation’s Board of Directors.

About this event program:

For women of all ages. Suitable for those diagnosed with, being treated for or recovering from breast illnesses, and also those interested in learning significant risk reduction strategies, for self education, or to become a licensed Healthy Breast Educator to serve in their communities or professional practices.

Gain a comprehensive practical overview of  Sat Dharam Kaur ND’s Healthy Breast Program, Foundations stream, as described in her books, The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, and A Call To Women: The Healthy Breast Program and Workbook.  This program was created as a tool to help women both reduce risk, and recover from breast cancer as an adjunct to conventional treatment -combining theory and up to date research, practical information, individual and small group exercises, self-reflection, Kundalini yoga breathing, meditation, and some seated postures.

On completion of this course you will understand many of the causes of breast cancer and identify numerous ways to protect your health.  You will have learned how to perform breast self-massage and how to activate your lymphatic system.  You will have a grasp of the many diagnostic tools for breast health.  You will learn dietary strategies to maintain or improve your health, and become familiar with key nutritional supplements that encourage well-being.  You will learn simple strategies and testing for hormone balance, detoxification, lymphatic cleansing and building your immune system.  You will identify healthy habits that promote life-long health, and how to direct your mind to support a healing response.  You will rekindle your relationship with your inner being, and have a growing appreciation of your spiritual nature.  You will learn a variety of Kundalini yoga breathing techniques, meditation, and some seated postures, to promote balance and healing.  You will have learned many marvellous techniques to improve your health and to use in daily living.

The themes covered in this course (the 12 modules of the Healthy Breast Program) are:

  • Introduction to the Healthy Breast Program
  • Get to Know Your Breasts
  • Improve Lymphatic Circulation
  • Make Sense of the Hormone Puzzle
  • Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth
  • Foods for Breast Health
  • Nutritional Strategies for Breast Health
  • Detoxify Your Whole Body
  • Empower Your Immune System
  • Ignite Your Passion and Purpose
  • Live with  Gratitude, Intuition and Prayer
  • Let Your Radiance Shine
 Certification and licensing:
Any woman who takes the Healthy Breast Foundations Course, and who satisfactorily completes the  homework and practicum requirements, can become certified to be a Healthy Breast Educator. (This does not make you a teacher trainer).  Becoming a member in good standing of the MammAlive Foundation Healthy Breast Educators and Advocates Association, with its rights, resources and responsibilities, then allows you to teach this trademarked program, upon applying for your annual license (it is only $10 Canadian).  You are also welcome to join this Association, either certified or not, to help us promote MammAlive Foundation’s annual goals and to stay connected with other like-minded women, as a non-teaching Advocate.

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers who then take the Healthy Breast Yoga Program Course, and who satisfactorily complete its requirements, can become certified to be a Healthy Breast Yoga Instructor.  (This does not make you a teacher trainer).  Being a member in good standing of the MammAlive Foundation Healthy Breast Educators Association, with its rights, resources and responsibilities, then allows you to additionally teach this trademarked yoga program, upon applying for your annual license (it is only $10 Canadian, and can be combined with any current Foundations license as an Educator)

Practitioners of particular approved ‘scope of practice’ can, upon certifying as a Healthy Breast Educator through the Foundations Program, take the Healthy Breast Practitioners Program, taught directly by Sat Dharam Kaur ND,  live at the Canadian Naturopathic College in Toronto, and can use this title upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements.   (This does not make you a teacher trainer or practitioner trainer)

FOR FURTHER DETAILS please refer to our site of origin:

ABOUT MAMMALIVE FOUNDATION:                       

 Registration and payment:

1) Contact Livjot Kaur to reserve your class space (enrolment is limited) and to receive a downloadable application form, at

2) Mail your completed registration form, along with cheque, or money order, made out to Livjot Kaur, to this address:

#403, 425 Simcoe St., Victoria, BC    V8V 4T3

Payment/s may also be made by bank E-transfer to  within Canada, or PayPal (same address) if outside of Canada.  If using E-transfer, please forward your security answer to that e-mail address as well.

Cancellation Policy:

This 3-day workshop event fee is generally non-refundable, though our waiting list may provide a substitute participant.  In the event that a cancellation can be accepted and a refund issued, a $15 administration fee will be retained by The Yoga Path.

Thank you for your interest in the Healthy Breast Program ‘Foundations’ training in Sooke BC

Blessings, Livjot Kaur