What is the Healthy Breast Program?

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The Healthy Breast Program has been designed to educate women of all ages in strategies to reduce breast cancer risk, and to support women with the disease.  The Healthy Breast Program complements conventional treatment for breast cancer by educating women in the environmental, dietary, hormonal, lifestyle, genetic, nutritional, psychological and spiritual links to breast cancer and encouraging implementation of protective, healthy lifestyle practices.  The Healthy Breast Program is well suited to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, women identified as having dense breasts, women finishing treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation, women with a family history of breast cancer, and women interested in preventing breast cancer.  It is offered to women of all ages.

The Healthy Breast Program consists of potentially two 12-module series, taught as either weekly, biweekly or monthly classes, part day /full day workshops, or as a retreat intensive, with time in between or afterwards, for practice, integration, and group support.  Designed by Naturopathic Doctor Of The Year and Kundalini Yoga expert Sat Dharam Kaur ND, author of The Complete Natural Medicine Guide To Breast Cancer, and The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women’s Health, it has been taught internationally since 2000.

The first series of 12 classes, facilitated by a certified, licensed Healthy Breast Educator, is called the Healthy Breast Foundations Program, and includes lifestyle, dietary, nutritional and psychological exercises along with 12 different breathing exercises or meditations to practice each week at home.

The second series, facilitated by a certified Healthy Breast Yoga Program Teacher, is called the Healthy Breast Yoga Program.  It features short educational themed talks and 12 different Kundalini yoga sets, breathing exercises and meditations focused on relieving stress, improving lymphatic circulation, releasing anger, developing immune fitness, increasing vitality and balancing the glandular system.  Many women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation find the yoga and meditation particularly beneficial in maintaining energy levels, decreasing nausea, relieving anxiety, and improving sleep, mood and well-being.

Preliminary research supports the effectiveness of yoga and meditation practice in cancer prevention and recovery with the following benefits:

  • reduces stress and anxiety, i
  • regulates the immune response, ii
  • increases night-time melatonin levels, iii
  • improves sleep, iv
  • decreases pain and fatigue, v vi vii
  • increases energy, acceptance, and relaxation, viii
  • decreases chemotherapy-related nausea, ix
  • decreases the stress response, x xi xii
  • may improve cognition during chemotherapy xiii
  • increases vagal stimulation xiv
  • helps to regulate cortisol xv

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You are welcome to contact me, at Livjot@TheYogaPath.net, to arrange a meeting to discuss the needs and values of your organization or community group, and plans for implementation the Healthy Breast Foundations Program or the Healthy Breast Yoga Program, in your area.

The 12 Healthy Breast Program Topics:

1. Introduction to the Healthy Breast Program

2. Get to Know your Breasts

3. Improve Lymphatic Circulation

4. Make Sense of the Hormone Puzzle

5. Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth

6. Foods for Breast Health

7. Nutritional Strategies for Breast Health

8. Detoxify Your Whole Body

9. Empower Your Immune System

10. Ignite Your Passion and Purpose

11. Live with Gratitude, Intuition and Prayer

12. Let your Radiance Shine